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Working with Unique Events Lights, sound, action

Are you getting ready for an important event? Looking for DJ services, lighting effects, sound systems or lounge furniture to set the stage? Or entertainment options with a wow factor like LED dance floor, photo or video booth? Great!

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Event Services Customize your event

Lounge 5
Lounge 5

Do you need a cool element to give your next Iowa event that modern feel? Maybe you need a touch of retro in your life? Either way, this lounge set is sure to add the -wow- factor to your event! Not only is the beautiful white leather great to look...

Custom Bar

There are few items more attention grabbing that you can add to your event than a Custom Bar! This custom bar was intended to give the feel of an up-scale, big city bar. All black to go with any decor and frosted glass front panels that can be customized to...

Chiavari (2)
Black Chiavari Chairs

Are you looking for an elegant solution to baggy chair covers? Our Black Chiavari Chairs are it! A great look for most any event, the simple elegance of our chairs is sure to get the attention of your guests. Whether used with a contrasting table cloth in a ballroom or...

Lounge 4
Lounge Set 4 Furniture Rental

Do you need a cool element to give your event that modern feel? Maybe you need a touch or retro in your life? Either way, our Lounge Seating rental furniture is eye catching conversation pieces just waiting to make it to your venue! Not only is the beautiful white leather...

Wedding & Event DJs from Unique Events
DJ Services

Is there one thing at your wedding, dance or party that controls the guest’s moods, flow of the night and overall excitement level as much as the DJ you choose? Finding a DJ isn’t tough, but finding the DJ that is right for you and your type of event can...

Lounge Furniture Seating Set 1

Do you need a cool element to give your event that modern feel? Maybe you need a touch or retro in your life? Either way, our Lounge Seating Areas are eye catching conversation pieces just waiting to make it to your venue! Not only is the beautiful white leather great...

Video Booth

Lights, video booth, ACTION! Create fun video clips at your event that your guests can share to show off what a great time they were having. They can share hopes and wishes for the Bride and Groom or Birthday Boy/Girl, create post-event blurbs about what they learned at your conference,...

Enjoy the fun of our Photo Booth Package
Photo Booth

Say cheese! A Photo Booth rental from Unique Events can make any party into an event. Our Photo Booth is for the couples wishing to give their guests a keepsake they will actually hold onto or the dance coordinator who wants to give kids a safe way to get a...

Have fun with Karaoke at your event
Karaoke System

What’s more fun at a party than Karaoke? It gets people up out of the crowd and on the stage to show of their skills or lack thereof, but in the end everybody has a great time. Our karaoke system is loaded with popular songs and old favorites so there...

Iowa Wedding Sound
Ceremony Sound Systems

Your wedding is a big day that you want to share with your friends and family. Your vows are important to you and the community that is going to support your marriage. You may have special people in your life who read a poem, say a prayer, or sing for...

Upgraded Sound System

We all enjoy great music, but do you enjoy great sounding music as well? Our Upgraded Sound Systems are some of the best sounding PA systems you will find in the state of Iowa. Not only do they produce a clearer, more precise sound than a standard set of PA...

LED Lighted Dance Floor

Well, you found it. You found the one thing you can rent to make your events completely stand out from the rest, a lighted dance floor! Make our DJ’s look even better. Make a terrible DJ look OK. Make your guests that may not have danced unable to resist. This...

Texture & Effect Lighting

Textural lighting effects can change an empty room into a trellis, make it seem open to the night sky, or simply add warmth and pattern to boring walls and ceilings. Texture lighting can also make a simple room seem extravagant without adding expensive fixtures or hanging decorations and without taking...

Pin Spot Lighting

Our Pin Spot Lighting adds real drama to your room! Imagine opening the doors to your event. House lights are down, Up-Lighting colors the walls, and those amazing centerpieces seem to be glowing in the center of your tables. Your cake is gleaming in an otherwise dark corner. Lighting adds...

Lighted Monograms & Logos
Logos & Monogram Lighting

Put a personalized seal on your evening with our custom monogram lighting or logos lighting up the wall or floor of your event space. Endless design and placement options make this a great “bang-for-the-buck” decor item. Light offers instant impact with minimal materials cost, we’ll just need to create a...

Colored Uplighting for Events

Uplighting is a great way to make any room pop! You’ll smile all night as your guests compliment you on how amazing the room looks. You can use uplighting to pull your color scheme into the overall room decoration by surrounding the room or call attention to key spaces like...

Lounge Seating Furniture Set 2

Guests love cozy spaces to start a conversation and rest their feet from party shoes.  Add this modern suite of lounge seating furniture to your event floorplan in an un-used corner, in the foyer for a bit of quiet, or right next to the dance floor for easy access and...

Lounge Furniture Set 3

Add unexpected spaces to your next event with lounge furniture – you can use it to break up a room, offer open seating, or create conversation areas to allow guests to mingle away from formal seating.  With the pieces from this modern suite of lounge furniture you can create spaces...

Custom Lounge

Sometimes your needs don’t fit an out of the box solution. If you are filling a large space or creating a series of conversation areas, we have what it takes to make your idea happen. Do you have an unusual idea for how you want to stage your space with...