3 Ideas for Photo Booth Wedding Favors

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If you’re thinking about party favors, you’re probably pretty far in the wedding planning process. You’ve likely lost hours of sleep over choosing everything from dress color to music playlist to side salad dressings and you’re almost ready for the big night. After all of this work, you want your guests to remember your special night as much as you will.

When chalky candies or generic thank you cards don’t cut it, your wedding photo booth rental can save the day. Photo booths are a great way to capture the special moments throughout the night and keep reliving them after your wedding. At Unique Events, our photo booth rentals come with instant printed photos of every shot taken. These photos serve as great wedding favors because they’re personal and capture the moments of fun had at the wedding.

Here are 3 ways you can encourage your guests to use your photo booth and take the photos home as a wedding favor.

Seating Chart

When your guests first arrive at your reception, they probably won’t know about the photo booth. Using photo strip frames as a seating chart is a great way to promote it! Set up the photo frames at the entrance so your guests can grab his or her frame as they walk in. Each photo frame insert could have the guest’s name and seat or table number. The insert could also promote or serve as an invitation to the photo booth.

Menus and Place Settings

Another way to incorporate photo strip frames in your reception is with place setting cards. In this scenario, every seat at every table has a photo strip frame with an insert. The insert can have a short “thank you for coming” message or a schedule of the evenings events. The frame inserts could even be used to list the menu. Most importantly, the inserts should promote the photo booth.

Photo Booth Invites

If seating charts aren’t your thing or you don’t plan on serving food at your reception, you can still promote the photo booth and find ways to encourage your guests to use it as a wedding favor.¬†One way is to create an invitation to the photo booth to insert in the photo strip frames. You can place these at the bar, near the cake or anywhere with high traffic. Your guests can grab one as they wish and use the photo booth throughout the night.

Using your photo booth prints as wedding favors can help save you money on traditional, less meaningful favors. It also promotes your wedding photo booth and gives your guests a personal keepsake.

At Unique Events, we offer open-air photo booth for any event. Our photo booths are manned by a friendly staff member and powered by high-quality digital cameras. For more information about our photo booths, check out our product page and gallery.

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