Advanced Pin Spot Lighting

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A beautiful Iowa wedding has been planned. All the décor has been picked out, the centerpieces are one of a kind (exactly what you pictured) and the flower arrangements are perfect. When your reception is ready to start and the candles get lit, generally the lighting gets turned down. We want that. We want the mood to be set and everyone in that “out to a nice dinner to celebrate with friends” setting, right? You splurged on your décor and even got that incredible cake you wanted! Everything’s set for guest arrival, the room is ready and the doors are opened.

As most guests begin walking in, they’ll first look for a seat, and then they check out some of the décor, focusing mostly on the table they are seated. Then they start looking around to see what everything else looks like. Maybe searching for the cake to see that amazing wedding cake you’ve been talking about forever. Not until they get to the cake do they realize it has different shapes for layers, the details in the hand-made fondant flowers or that there is a shimmer to the entire cake.

What many of our customers don’t realize is the lack of “dramatic anything” in a dark room. We accent walls with up-lighting, but within those walls, it stays relatively dark. If it is important to you that those flowers, cakes, etc “Pop!” you should know that the thing that is going to bring that attention to light is…ahem…Light! And we aren’t talking candles here! Candles are a great accent, but they are not what you want to rely upon to light up a cake or floral centerpiece! So what’s a bride to do?!

A great solution is Pin Spot Lighting. These are lights that can be magnetically attached to any metal surface or simply set on a ledge somewhere. These lights are powerful, small, and wireless. They can be set to different intensities to affect the amount of light omitted and how concentrated the light is in one spot. Aside from being used to light centerpieces or a cake, they’re often used to light cocktail and dessert tables, table linens/table tops, lounge areas, ice sculptures, or even decorative faux chandeliers!!

Imagine now, the lights are turned down to set the mood, the doors open, and guests begin to walk in. The first thing they see now are those beautiful centerpieces and flowers that are individually lit on each table, the cake lit up showing the different angles and details even from a distance, a guest book table, or (insert your favorite thing here)! Give us a call to discuss how Pin-Spot lighting could be utilized at your event!

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