Bold Floral Arrangements In Unusual Places

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You can’t have a wedding without flowers. You just can’t! Flowers have been a wedding staple for way longer than diamond rings, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old, same old. And when we’re talking about a fresh floral perspective, we’re not just talking about floral crowns. Those are a cute trend, sure, but we aren’t talking about cute trends! We’re talking about floral arrangements in unusual places!

There’s more to floral arrangements than throwing pretty flowers together, whether it’s the most traditional arrangement or an avant-garde arrangement that’s barely recognizable. When you combine the aesthetic artistry that’s been perfected over many, many years with some quirky creativity, you can get something truly unforgettable!

Flower Walls

If you think a bouquet of flowers is lovely, imagine a whole wall! A luxurious flower wall will be the floral focal point of your wedding. You and your guests will get great pictures throughout the whole celebration! First, it can be a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and then, at the reception, it can make an amazing photo booth backdrop or become the most popular place for selfies.

Floral Table Runners

Floral table runners can be another elegant centerpiece at your reception. Nothing makes a statement like dahlias and hydrangeas spanning the length of the table and cascading over the edge! Stick to your palette and pick flowers in colors that suit the design of your wedding. If you opt for an ombre floral table runner, you’ll be able to incorporate a spectrum of colors while keeping the arrangement cohesive.

But you wanna know one of the best perks? Floral table runners are low enough that they won’t get in the way of conversation!

Floral Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers are not only stunning, but they’re also totally practical! Hanging floral arrangements don’t take up precious surface space, which lets you go wild and include more flowers than you otherwise would have room for. Plus, there’s one less tough decision to make when you can have those table decorations and the flowers!

Hesitant to entirely ditch traditional crystal or wrought iron chandeliers? You can always tastefully add flowers to an existing fixture. Although, be warned, you might have to yell at some guests to get off the tables if they’re trying to smell the chandeliers!

If none of these floral statements are your style, don’t worry! Flowers are versatile because there are so many to choose from and the possibilities are endless! Sometimes it’s the simple solution that you’ll end up falling in love with. Lush flowers can really complement an industrial wedding and soften the space. Or, if your wedding has a rustic vibe, include some greenery with the flowers.

No matter how extravagant you want your floral arrangements to be, contact Unique Events. From unique floral design to DJ services to chair rentals, we can help with every aspect of your next event. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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