Your wedding is a big day that you want to share with your friends and family. Your vows are important to you and the community that is going to support your marriage. You may have special people in your life who read a poem, say a prayer, or sing for you and your guests. It’s a disappointment if no one in the audience can hear these important moments. It’s more of a disappointment if it sounds terrible because of cheap, shoddy equipment. Be assured that our mics and sounds equipment are high grade and reliable. Unique Events has the perfect sound system rental equipment for your ceremony.

Often the most beautiful and historic spaces aren’t exactly wired for sound, or they’re not wired well. Unique Events offers the best sound system rental equipment to assure your guests hear your full ceremony and you can still use the wedding venue you’ve been dreaming of. Before you cross a special event site off your list, consult with us to see if we can set up a ceremony sound system that will make it work. We’ll visit the site with you and give you a realistic yes or no (hopefully yes) so you can go on with your event planning.

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