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At Unique Events, we believe we offer our clients the best possible event planning and event rentals. But, sometimes, our clients say it better than we do, based on their personal experience. That’s why we decided to share this letter from one of our recent clients. It’s colorful, clever and most of all, they had a great customer experience. And that’s our number one goal at Unique Events!

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Client Testimonial

Theme: Moonstruck (the movie with Cher!)
Date: May 21st, 2016

After buying a house together, adopting a dog together, and surviving multiple home improvement projects together, my boyfriend proposed in November of 2015. My immediate feelings were as follows:


Fast forward to two months before our wedding and I was feeling downright “meh” about the whole thing. Previously, I’ve worked professionally in some minor behind-the-scenes event planning roles and I’ve attended my fair share of business conferences, so I knew that it was indeed possible to have an amazing event that people genuinely enjoy. I also knew it was possible to have a completely meh event that people instantly forget.

While the whole marriage thing sounded great, the actual party just wasn’t coming together to meet my completely self-imposed expectations.

We had a “meh” problem: I just wasn’t excited about the event itself. This was worrisome because I’m someone who most would describe as being very excitable. So, it would stand to reason, two months from my wedding day, I should be excited.

We eventually pinpointed the problem: ambiance-the elusive and fickle beast.
The ambiance for our day just wasn’t right. Or, more accurately, I didn’t feel like there was any ambiance to speak of.

I wanted the night to feel like magic! Something out of a fairy tale without being to…fairy tale? I wanted something whimsical that would make people smile with childlike wonder. A tall order to fill, I know.

Unfortunately, the missing ingredients, “magic” and “whimsy”, do not a fruitful Google search make.

While I didn’t figure out how to bewitch the ceiling of our ballroom like the Great Hall at Hogwarts (Inexpensive? Check! Minimal Setup? Check!), what I did find was Unique Events.

UE was recommended to me many times as “the DJ people” or “the lighting people” or “the LED dance floor people.” These things all sounded well and good, but they also sounded like things other people had at their weddings.
I scoured their website for photos of something that felt like us, to no avail.

I started to talk myself down from my dream wedding.

  • “It’s just one day of my life”
  • “I guess nobody really needs anything on their wedding day.”
  • “Magic and Whimsy are for other people. People with unlimited wedding budgets and assistants and private jets.”

Despite my apprehension, I decided to halfheartedly pursue the elusive ambiance at Unique Events. It would be my last try, and then I would accept the wedding I had planned and stop comparing it to the wedding of my dreams.

I went to Unique Events armed with only my theme: Moonstruck. (The movie with Cher, not the Van Gogh painting “Starry Night”.)

A few minutes into my consultation I started to feel defeated.
But then, something actually magical happened: Travis did something that, as a business owner, I know is really difficult to do.

He said the words: “I don’t know…” More specifically, he said, “I don’t think I understand exactly what you’re looking for but I think I know someone who would.”

To me, these are real magic words, because they mean no one is trying to convince you they’re more of an expert in what you want than I am. And it means the person on the other side of the table has no ego when it comes to the sale in question. They don’t care if it’s your idea, your mom’s idea, or an idea you saw on Pinterest. And they certainly don’t care if it’s their idea – so long as you get what you want.

Such honesty!
Such transparency!
Suddenly, I felt a renewed sense of hope.

Travis disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a woman from their floral department who immediately began quoting the movie to me and bonding over a shared love of the young Nick Cage. (You really have to see the movie to get it).

After a 5-minute chat about my theme, they zeroed in on the ambiance problem and we discovered THE. PERFECT. SOLUTION.

No, they couldn’t bewitch the ceiling to look like the Great Hall at Hogwarts. But they did have a projector with a laser attached to it that makes the ceiling look like there are real clouds moving across the ceiling while tiny stars glimmer through the cloud cover. They refer to it on their website briefly as bliss lighting, but there are no photos or videos that really do the effect justice, because it really is magic, and that kind of thing is obviously hard to capture on film. I was amazed! I could have kissed them!

My meh was completely cured and I was finally excited to throw the biggest party I will probably ever have the privilege of throwing.

On May 21st I married my best friend under an enchanted ceiling. Everyone smiled with childlike wonder as the stars literally came to life and wisps of cloud cover slowly swept over us all. It was magical. It was whimsical. It was all my wedding dreams come true.

A Note from Unique Events

What’s your dream? Think it’s out of reach? Bring it to Unique Events and watch it come to life. Call us at 319-721- 4154 for a consultation. Remember, no idea is out of reach, not even the stars!

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