Tips For a Successful Company Party!

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The season for company holiday parties is coming to an end and we’ve seen some great ones! On the flip side, we’ve seen some fall a little short of guests’ expectations.

Ever hosted or been to a company holiday party that seemed to never get going? The DJ was playing to a dance floor of a few people while everyone else watched, and/or guests were leaving disappointed before 10:00 to hit the local bars? It leaves you wondering “What happened?”.

Ever hosted or been to a company party that seemed to never stop going? The dance floor was packed the whole night with others socializing, and guests stayed the whole time! You know they’ll be excited about it next year. Could this boost company morale? Will your employees rave about how great the company is and make other people want to work for you?

A successful holiday party is no fluke. A couple of observations I’ve experienced personally that contribute to the successes or shortfalls of a holiday party;

Owner/manager engagement – If you’re having this party to celebrate the accomplishments of your employees, celebrate it with them. Have fun, and cut loose! Get on the dance floor and encourage others to join you. We tell our brides and grooms that they are the magnet for the dance floor. Wherever they are, guests will follow. The same thing goes for you. It’s hard to get on the dance floor when you have a fear of being judged by someone that can influence your career.

Drinks – Limit the free drinks if you need to, but provide some or people are going to leave. Drinks are expensive in many of the venues that house a holiday party. If guests are expected to pay for all drinks, they’ll most likely find another place (local bar) to spend their money, after all, it’s much cheaper that way. With a few drinks, it’s much easier to join people on the dance floor!!

Finally, you need a good DJ! Your DJ should be capable of helping to coordinate events throughout the night. You’re there to celebrate too, remember? They should know how to play dance music that works, something from every genre! You have to have a good DJ that knows how to create and hold a dance floor. They should have the ability to take requests and effectively fit them in without killing the dance floor.

There are other small factors that could help influence, sure, but this should be a solid start to creating a successful company party!

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