Corporate Holiday Parties: How to Make Your Party the Talk of the Water Cooler

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If only corporate holiday parties were more like the movies, right? On the big screen, holiday parties are portrayed as extraordinary extravaganzas that are full of shenanigans and debauchery, but in reality, for anyone planning a corporate holiday party the main concern is ending up with one of those stuffy, unremarkable events. Let’s face it, many holiday parties go in that direction, unfortunately. Then you’ve spent all that time and money on a party that people didn’t even enjoy!

How do you make sure that everyone in the mailroom all the way up to the CEO has the best time? Spend hours Googling “how to plan an innovative corporate even”? That doesn’t seem like the worst idea, but it certainly isn’t the best either. Try the following ideas to keep your corporate holiday party rockin’!

DO Keep Everyone Entertained!

Small talk about the weather is your enemy! Yawns are your enemy! Weak excuses to leave early are your enemy! So, how do you keep the good times rolling? DJs are always excellent entertainment options because music creates energy and tunes set the tone. Or, karaoke is a good way to get everyone involved and make about a million hilarious stories. Photo booths and video booths are both interactive attractions that people adore.

Also, let’s be real, alcohol is probably going to be a catalyst for getting folks to interact and let loose during your corporate holiday party. Comply with whatever HR says, but also make sure the drinks suit the occasion. If you are going for a laid-back vibe, then sticking to beer and wine is likely the best choice. However, specialty cocktails are perfect for making a statement and getting people chatting and laughing. Consider using a Mixologist to create a custom drink menu and wow all your guests with their bartending skills.

To Theme or Not To Theme

How formal is your corporate holiday party going to be? Do you want the ballroom with crystal stemware and breathtaking texture lighting? Because that is A-M-A-Z-ING! Or do you want to create a low-key atmosphere where everyone can let loose?

Themed parties are great as long as the theme is clearly communicated and something everybody can get excited about. Participation is the key! You can do everything right, but if people don’t dress up, then the theme party is going to flop. Some office cultures are perfect for theme parties, but not necessarily all!

Don’t Pass Off Planning Duties

It can be super convenient to ask a few people around the office to handle all of the preparation for the holiday party. But even though Susan from accounting probably makes really great three-cheese artichoke dip, you’re going to get more bang for your budget by working with an event planner or designer! Event professionals know all the holiday party hits and flops from years of experience and also ensure that everything runs smoothly so that one of the little things doesn’t derail an awesome evening.

If you’re looking for assistance with your corporate event to design an unforgettable holiday party, contact Unique Events. From DJ services, design, floral, and photo booths to customized lighting elements, we can help with every aspect of your next event. Let’s make the Holidays a true CELEBRATION TOGETHER!

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