Dance Floor and DJ Placement

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“Attention Iowa, we have a DJ! Unique Events of Iowa is going to DJ my wedding. We have them bringing an Open-Air Photo Booth with props, Up-Lighting, a really cool, modular bar, and even a cool Lounge Area arrangement!”

You filled out our Wedding Planner guide for your reception timelines, you know what songs you want, your order of toastmasters, and even have the Up-Lighting color picked out. Good to go right? Guaranteed good time?

You may have the recipe for the best wedding reception ever, but, just like grandma’s gooey chocolate chip cookies you haven’t quite mastered, there’s a certain way to make it “best ever”.

Getting the right energy during the reception is crucial to keep people entertained and having fun. Thinking about the layout of the venue and the placement of each of these services is exactly what you need. Don’t worry, we can help you! We can work together with you and your venue planner to ensure the dance floor and extra services are not only serving their purpose, but are playing an active role in building, and holding your guest’s energy.

A DJ placed in the corner behind dining tables is not a good idea when the party is in the middle. Placing the speakers close to the dance floor also keeps guests from having to scream at each other in order to have a conversation. Even with a great DJ, you need a well-placed dance floor to help make people feel like THAT is the place to be! They also won’t have to go far for a quick break if they need to kick off their shoes or get another drink.

Thinking about your other services; having the Open-Air Photo Booth in the same room, as with any service, will hold the energy in that room. When you start putting services in another room, you lose people and lose energy. They may be having a great time at the Photo Booth, or out at the really cool bar you rented, but your dance floor and DJ might be struggling to survive!

Have the bar far enough from the dance floor to comfortably order a drink without shouting, but close enough that your guests don’t have to go far to get another. Put that Lounge Area on the other side so your guests can sit down for a moment, but not feel disconnected from the fun. Maybe have the Open-Air Photo Booth the same distance from the dance floor as your bar. Your guests can step off the dance floor and get some pictures, but still feel like their part of the party! You may even have some props
make their way onto the dance floor for some added entertainment… Sounds like a pretty good recipe for a good time? Let’s make it happen!

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