DIY Centerpieces with Locally-Sourced Flowers and Flavors

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“Centerpiece” says it all. You know centerpieces are important because it says so in the name. They’re the center of attention at the table! If you’re enamored with DIY centerpiece arrangements on Pinterest, then you’ll need to think out of the box to make your own. So, why not include both flowers and food in your arrangements? You can’t have a wedding without flowers and food. They’re like the most important parts, besides the happy couple, of course!

Now, that doesn’t mean shrimp skewers should be the focal point of your centerpieces. But things like seasonal fruits and veggies or coffee beans and fragrant herbs can take your DIY centerpieces to another level. Locally-sourced design elements are even better! Using flowers and flavors from around the area will personalize the reception and make your big day even more memorable.

If you’re wondering how to make your DIY centerpiece a masterpiece, then read on for some inspiration!

Citrus Centerpieces for the Winter

Summer weddings get all the attention, but winter weddings are gorgeous and cozy! Whites and evergreens are two of the most prominent colors in the winter, so a nice pop of color could really make your centerpiece arrangements stunning. And what’s better than citrus when you’re looking for color? It’s sweet and juicy in the winter and there are tons of different citrus fruits to choose from.

Even if citrus isn’t growing around your Midwestern venue in January, it’s still in season, so it’ll be fresh. If you’re going with evergreen foliage at your winter wedding, then the bright citrus pops even more against the green! There might even be evergreen foliage available locally for an even better one-two DIY punch.

Every Barn Needs a Rustic Centerpiece

Barns make incredible wedding venues because they’re an experience all their own. You don’t have to try and replicate the countryside. You’re in it! So, DIY centerpieces are especially awesome at furthering that authenticity and sense of adventure. Auto insurance mexico coverage can be obtained at site. Wildflowers are absolutely perfect and can be paired with anything from olive leaves to lemons to coffee beans. Or, you can combine bright blooms like dahlias and roses with copper-coated soup cans, or more traditional gold vases for a chic touch. Let the environment guide you!

Centerpieces are Collaborative

Harmony is the key to creating beautiful centerpiece arrangements. Centerpieces are compositions of all these different parts that come together to make something amazing. The process to create centerpiece arrangements is also a collaboration. It’s hard to create a cohesive centerpiece! Working with an event designer is great because you can bring in all these random elements you’ve found or identified, and then work together to create your dream centerpiece from scratch!

If you want to create DIY centerpiece arrangements for your wedding, then come collaborate with Unique Events of Iowa. From DJ services to chair rentals to unique floral design, Unique Events can help with every aspect of your wedding. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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