DJ or Live Band for Wedding? It Doesn’t Have to be One or the Other!

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The bride wants one thing and the groom wants something else. Your friends want this, and parents want that. It’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy with the music selection at your wedding 100% of the time, but kind of like with food, offering more than one thing can be the best solution. That’s why the DJ and live band combo is such an awesome idea!

There are about a million things to do before your wedding – and that might be an understatement! – so, even though picking out music is one of the most enjoyable million things, it might get pushed to the back burner when the heat is on. But don’t forget about wedding entertainment! And also, don’t be afraid to do something a little different to make your wedding totally unique. Like, say, booking both a DJ and a live band!

Wedding Entertainment: DJ vs. Live Band

You know, there’s a reason why a lot of couples go with DJs for their weddings and why a lot of couples go with live bands for their weddings: Both are wonderful options! But what’s better than combining two wonderful things? DJs and live bands are like chocolate and peanut butter!

DJs can offer the full spectrum of musical genres, from country to R&B, as well as providing you a built-in MC for the evening, and adding a live band to the mix gives you even more versatility. Because even though bands are more limited in what tunes they can play, there’s that irreplaceable charm that makes live music unlike anything else. That performance aspect is another important difference between DJs and live bands.

How Do the DJ and Band Work Together?

Wedding entertainment is all about what’s right for the moment! With both a DJ and a live band, you can pick the pitch-perfect moments for each. For example, the live band could create a chill atmosphere during dinner and cocktails while everyone socializes. Then, the DJ can take over to get everyone on the dance floor after the cocktails have kicked in! Some couples have the band stick around to play the first dance, too, because live music makes the occasion even more elegant.

Let Your Music Professional Handle the Details

You’ve already got a million things to do before and during your wedding planning (not to mention the day of!) and getting clever with the music selection would just add another item to the to-do list.

That’s why you need a professional DJ! Your DJ should help you identify the best music and assist in MCing your event to keep the night running smoothly. Good DJs can switch from playing hits to being your head of ceremonies, which is another reason that having a DJ and a live band works well. The DJ will handle all announcements and flow, and then the band will concentrate on their art. That way on your big day, you only have to worry about one thing: getting married! Schedules and organization and all the stressful stuff will be taken care of ahead of time.

If you’re looking for a DJ to talk with you before you walk down the aisle, contact Unique Events. From DJ services to chair rentals to unique floral design, we can help with every aspect of your next event. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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