Is there one thing at your wedding, dance or party that controls the guest’s moods, flow of the night and overall excitement level as much as the DJ you choose? Finding DJs in Iowa isn’t tough, but finding the DJ that is right for you and your type of event, can be. We bring excitement and fun to events all throughout Iowa and beyond. Let us share a little about our processes and give you some insights as to whether one of our DJs might be right for you.

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Wedding DJs

Our wedding reception DJs are the best in the business! As wedding specialists, we are dedicated to making sure your night is memorable for all the right reasons. Over the last few years, we’ve become known for our proactive approach to wedding receptions and DJs.

More than just music, we are there to help keep your event moving so that your guest experience (as well as yours!) is as seamless and enjoyable as possible! Unlike many wedding reception DJ services, we speak with you, not to you, about your wants and needs. How can we make your night come to life? What are the things that you do, and more importantly, don’t want to see?

If you are looking for advice and suggestions we are more than happy to provide them to you, but we always understand that it is your day and should be done your way. Let our DJs show you what a skilled wedding reception DJ is all about.

Our youthful DJs not only know the classics, but today’s music as well. Partner that with their ability to run a tasteful event that won’t seem corny or immature and you have a great start to a successful evening!

Here are some interesting facts to consider when choosing your wedding entertainment*:

Of Brides Surveyed

Wish they would have spend more time choosing their wedding entertainment 72%
Wish they would have spent more of their budget on entertainment 100%
Wish they would have made entertainment their highest priority 78%
Guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding was the entertainment 81%

Hiring DJ Services

Our team of wedding DJs come to you with proven results. Our years of experience along with our ability to adjust our style to fit the tastes of our clients have been yielded us a very strong reviews from our customers. We won’t claim to be perfect, but we feel that reviews give you a great insight as to what you can expect from a company.

Let’s be honest, most companies are going to tell you they are great and that they will take care of you better than the next guy. So what do you have to go off of at that point? Price? A pretty website? Third party websites like and let you see what real customers thought of their wedding vendors. And the vendors don’t get to take down a bad review, so unlike a list of references they can’t just filter it down to the positive ones!

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*Statistics were published in The Knot Magazine in 2015. Sources include: Simmons, 2014; USA Today, 2014; National Bridal Service, 2014; The Knot, 2014; Brides Magazine, 2014