You’re Engaged! Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

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You’re engaged! Like, really, really engaged! Sound the bells and celebrate your engagement! Your friends and family are excited and happy for you, but they have many questions that you’ll have to answer eventually. So, what’s next? What do you need to decide now? What can wait? When does the wedding planning process start? Well, the wedding planning process starts pretty much whenever you choose!

When you are ready to begin wedding planning, here are 5 things to consider for your planning to-do list.

1. Wedding Date

You’re going to get that one question over and over again. You know the one, “When is the wedding?!” Even if you don’t have the exact date it’ll be easier for everyone (especially for your sanity) if you give even a general idea of a wedding date. It’s okay if it is not the specific date. Even something as simple as “next fall” will satisfy the nonstop questions. It will also help your family and friends feel like they’re in the loop.

2. Budget

Budget. Ugh. It is an ugly word, but your budget is important to know and share with your vendors! When you’re trying to fit all of your wildest dreams into the biggest moment of your life, a budget may be the last thing on your mind, but you may have to make some tough decisions!  Your budget will determine which of those dreams you’ll be able to spend lavishly on and, yes, you may have to cut back on others. Also, if parents from either side are contributing to the wedding budget, then now’s the time to find out how much!

3. Wedding Style & Venue

It is your day, your style! Now, what is that style? Where will your venue(s) be? Venues often book up quickly and far in advance, so it’s better to reach out and ask a venue for availability early on! Will you go with the vibe of your venue or will you try to transform your venue to fit your wedding design? These decisions will help you when choosing your décor, entertainment, and all the other items that will pull your design together. Is the design of your wedding something you will want/need help with? Or do you and your fiance know exactly what you want for your wedding? In either case, Unique Events can do it for you!  What inspires you? We encourage you to poke around Pinterest for some wedding inspiration.

4. Wedding Party

There are so many important choices when it comes to your wedding day, including the wedding date, venue, and budget. Choosing who will stand next to you on the big day seems easy! However, sometimes those other decisions regarding venue, date, and budget might create some waves in what you thought would be smooth waters for your wedding party. But it’s never too soon to start thinking about how many people you want in the wedding party and, of course, who you want in the wedding party. Also, don’t forget about your guest list!

5. Finding the Right Wedding Vendors

When you’re starting the wedding planning process, it might seem possible to do everything yourself. But if you’re not Superman/Superwoman (or are you?!), there’s too much to do to go it alone! The right wedding vendors will be there for you every step of the way and make sure absolutely everything is covered ahead of time, so there aren’t any disasters on your wedding day.

No matter where you’re at in the wedding planning process, contact Unique Events. From wedding design, DJ services, or chair rentals, we can help with every aspect of your wedding. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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