Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements

Express Yourself with Flower Arrangements

Flowers can say many things. They can express happiness for birthdays and graduations or convey condolences at a funeral. Our floral designers take the time to create one-of-a-kind, never pre-made floral arrangements that say what you need them to. Each floral arrangement is distinct, original and crafted with your message in mind.

Working with only the highest quality fresh floral, we love mixing traditional floral with unexpected elements to create floral artistry that truly stands out amongst others’ work. As with our event floral, we feel our floral arrangements should be unique and truly catered to the need of our clients.

Order Flowers for Any Occasion

While we have the capabilities to arrange for large events such as weddings, funerals and corporate meetings, we are still a Cedar Rapids florist; we enjoy fulfilling “every day” orders too. Whether you want to send your mom flowers for her birthday or send an arrangement to someone just because, we are happy to fulfill any size of order.

If you have certain colors or flowers you know the recipient likes, we can order flowers based on your specifications because we make every design special. Also, if you have a price range you’re most comfortable with, our designers can work with you to decide what your ideas would cost to conclude what best suits your budget.

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