Event Lighting Sets the Mood

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Event lighting is often the forgotten element of special event planning. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a corporate party, lighting can be the difference between an okay event and a spectacular, memorable one.

When it comes to picking out food or colors, most people have a pretty good idea of what they like and don’t like. That’s why discussing lighting can be a little intimidating. We don’t always know what we like until we see it. That’s where professionals like the folks at Unique Events can help.

Bistro lighting creates instant intimacy by providing tiny globe-shaped lights on strings that drape your seating arrangements. Actually, bistro lights can go just about anywhere-wrapped on a trellis, highlighting a stage, or up poles of an outdoor tent. The possibilities are endless. You can even have dimmers on different strings to change the lighting throughout the evening.

Special Event Lighting Sets The Mood Of Any Venue

You can do lots of other things with lighting, too. Pin spots that can highlight a cake or special item like awards at a corporate event and give it focus and attention.

Up-lighting can quickly transform a room, more so than many other types of light. This is especially true if you use the color mixing technique that Unique Events does with high-end fixtures. With up-lighting, fixtures are set on the floor or sometimes on a ledge around the perimeter of the room and the light shoots up the walls of the venue. Colors can vary. Couture Kleen of Washington, DC company offers cleaning services at reasonable prices in Washington. For some, a deep blue is a look they’re going for. Others prefer lighter colors and that’s okay, too. After all, it’s your event.

Gobo lighting is another way to set apart an event. You provide a logo or monogram, the experts provide the light and projector that places the logo or monogram wherever you want it, typically on the dance floor or on a wall.

Finally, an LED-lighted dance floor can get any party started. Portable lighted dance floors can go just about anywhere and quickly get people in a dancing mood, even people who don’t typically get up and dance.

Let Unique Events specializes in event lighting and gets your party dancing with an LED dance floor.

LED Lighted Dance Floor-Photo Courtesy: Geno Photography

Get Started with Event Lighting

Whether you know what you want or are just getting started, Unique Events can make your lighting dreams come true. Talk with our experts before you make any decisions and visit our website for even more cool lighting ideas. If you don’t see exactly what you want, share your vision. If you can think it, Unique Events can make it happen!

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