Chair & Table Rentals

Choosing what type of wedding chair rentals and table rentals to have at your wedding can be difficult to decide. Unique Events staff can help! We can answer your questions about the chair and table rentals to help you match the rentals to your theme. Contact us for your answers or request a consultation so we can meet and find the perfect wedding chair and table rentals for your special day!

Our gold, silver, or black Chiavari and Ghost are event and wedding chair rentals options along with our Natural Wood Tables are a stunning way to enhance the look of your table displays!


wooden table rentals

Natural Wood Table Rental

Check the trends; natural wood tables are in! Call them natural wood tables, reclaimed wood tables, barn wood tables. In other words, call them whatever you want.

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Bronze Metal bistro wedding chair

Metal Bistro Chairs

Finally, the industrial look you’ve been waiting for in stylish event chairs! Our Bistro chairs a great pairing with anything from one of our Barn Wood Tables to Velvet linen!

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Wood cross back chairs

Wood Cross Back Chairs

You don’t have to go full-country to enjoy these beautiful wood cross-back chairs. For instance, pair them with linens to heighten their look. Or, get eclectic and create a boho look.

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Gold Chiavari chairs rentals

Gold Chiavari Chair Rental

If you’re worried about ugly ballroom chairs and baggy chair covers, just replace the chair! As a result, our Gold Chiavari Chairs are a great way to add instant elegance to any event!

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Black Chiavari Chair Rental Iowa

Black Chiavari Chairs

Instead of using ugly ballroom chairs with their baggy chair covers, replace the chair with a stylish chair. To clarify, no cover needed! Our Black Chiavari Chairs are a great way to add a subtle, modern look to any event!

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Silver Chiavari Rentals

Silver Chiavari Chairs

Don’t use baggy chair covers; rent chairs that are beautiful on their own! Our Silver Chiavari Chairs are a great way to add a flashy, modern look to any event!

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Ghost Chairs, Clear wedding event chairs

Ghost Chairs

Do you want something different? Something that is more on the modern/sleek side? Here is your solution wedding chair rental solution: Ghost chairs!

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Padded King Louis Chair bride and groom rental wedding chairs

King Louis Chairs

Our King Louis Chairs are a perfect (and comfortable) addition for a head table and a great compliment to our Crossback Chairs!

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white garden chair rental

White Garden Chairs

Sometimes you just need a simple, cost-effective solution for your ballroom or wedding ceremony. These timeless white Garden Chairs are the perfect answer to deciding on what wedding chair rentals to feature!

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