Silver chairs

So you’re worried about ugly ballroom chairs and baggy chair covers, huh? Just replace the chair! Our silver Chiavari chair rentals are a great way to add a flashy, modern look to any event! A great look for most any occasion, the simple elegance of our chairs is sure to get the attention of your guests. Whether used with a contrasting table cloth in a ballroom or lining the aisle at your wedding ceremony our silver Chiavari chair rentals will make the subtle statement you are looking for!

Black and white cushions are in stock and many other colors are available upon request and with enough lead time, so feel free to mix and match colors to accommodate your color needs. You can also tie or drape ribbons or bows to the chairs as well,  giving you a nice color accent if you desire.

Comparing Chiavari chairs? You should know that we have invested in silver Chiavari chairs that have a steel core and are not just a molded piece of plastic. Why does that matter? They are less likely to buckle under the weight of your guests. That’s important to know when comparing, what appear to be, identical chairs. Our silver chairs are also marbleized resin; not just painted. This means you get a deep, rich metallic finish, not just a silver spray painted finish. It also means our chairs don’t chip and wear in transport meaning they look better at your event. This is a constant problem with wood and painted plastic Chiavari chairs!

We service the entire state of Iowa and also into Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We are available to deliver, setup and remove our chairs as well if need be. Just let us know your needs and we will get them satisfied! It’s what we do!

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