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Check the trends; natural wood tables are in this year! Call them natural wood tables, reclaimed wood tables, barn wood tables, farm wood tables…Call them whatever you want, just don’t call them subtle! Rent our wooden tables for a wedding or event; our wedding table rentals are a hot new trend that you will only find available at Unique Events!

Whether you’re renting our wood tables for a wedding or special event, you won’t be disappointed with the authentic wooden artistry. These aren’t tables from T.J. Maxx that are new or supposed-to-look old or pine tables made from your local Home Depot. These custom built beauties are each hand-made from an old barn in Wisconsin! With thick 2×6 beams used to create the tops and substantial 4×4 post legs these tables definitely make a statement!

You will see and feel the original saw marks under the smooth protective finish as you run you hand over the top. It’s the table that doesn’t require a tablecloth because of its natural beauty, but it can easily coincide with the aesthetic of the event with any table top decor. Just decorate with the floral of your choice or some candles and votives; the possibilities are endless when working with wooden craftmanship!

Wood Table Wedding Inspiration

Get some inspiration by taking a look at our Wood Table boards on Pinterest Button ! Once you have some ideas, you are ready to create your own Pinterest worth pictures! The next step is to add “Rent Wood Tables” to your to-do list! And don’t worry, we don’t just have a couple… We have almost 30!

Although our reclaimed event and wedding wood table rentals are in Iowa, they are available for delivery throughout the state including Des Moines, Quad Cities, Waterloo/Cedar Falls and into Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri. Our staff is available to unload and set tables if needed or you are welcome to pickup from our warehouse as well; just let us know what you prefer and we can get you an accurate quote.

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