Check out our alternatives to worn out wood dance floors and add a little spice to your event by checking out our unique dance floor rentals!


Vinyl Wrapped Dance Floors

Vinyl Wrapped Dance Floors

Customize your vinyl wrapped dance floor with your business’ logo, a monogram for your wedding or company, or a design you love. Your dance floor can be completely unique! Choose from more than 50 colors to design your own vinyl wrapped dance floor. Discuss your creative ideas with us, so our team of designers can create a memorable addition to your event!

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Lighted Dance Floor Rental and Event Lighting

LED Lighted Dance Floor

Our lighted dance floors will be an instant attraction to get your guests dancing and make your event a hit! By promoting a fun environment, the lighted dance floors will encourage guests to make memories. Our LED lighted dance floors have changing color options so you can decide how many colors you want your guests to be amazed with!

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white dance floor event rental

White Dance Floor

Available for outside or inside events, our all-white dance floor rental can add a sophisticated, classy touch to your event. Because of its versatility, it’s the perfect pairing to a ballroom setting or even under a tent outside. Since it’s regularly cleaned, its sparkling white finish will sure be an eye-catcher. Learn more about the sizes available for the white dance floor!

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