pin spot lighting wedding design

Our Pin Spot Lighting adds real drama to your room! Imagine opening the doors to your event. House lights are down, Up-Lighting colors the walls, and those amazing centerpieces seem to be glowing in the center of your tables. Your cake is gleaming in an otherwise dark corner. Lighting adds instant drama to an evening event and lighted centerpieces will pull your guests to the tables to see your centerpieces.  Lighted centerpieces also allow you to dim the overall room while allowing guests enough illumination to chat and see the table in front of them.

Our Pin Spotlighting methods are not like most. Sure, we have the lights that sit on the table and shoot back up at whatever it is we are trying to light. Those lights work OK for some applications, but take up space on your table and can really only light the bottom of most centerpieces. They also do nothing for those under 6″ tall. Our Pin spots are generally mounted to a ceiling and light objects from above; the same place your guests are viewing them. This completely highlights the centerpiece to get maximum attention!

We service the entire state of Iowa and also into Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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