Texture Effect Lighting

Textural lighting effects can change an empty room into a trellis, make it seem open to the night sky, or simply add warmth and pattern to boring walls and ceilings. Texture lighting can also make a simple room seem extravagant without adding expensive fixtures or hanging decorations and without taking up precious floor space as some dramatic decor can. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic effect or subtle mood lighting for a room – texture lighting effects can give your space a look your guests haven’t seen before.

Standard Texture Lighting

This stye of decorative lighting effect involves projecting a static image onto a surface. This could be a ceiling, dance floor, wall etc. We have multiple options to choose from for both the pattern and the color that goes along with it. This is generally an accent, but could possibly be used to treat all of the walls of a space. As an example, you might light three walls in a room with Up-Lighting and then light the fourth wall with Texture Lighting of a similar/complimentary color.

Active Texture Lighting

This style of lighting offers a completely different look although it is still generally used as an accent to Up-Lighting. These fixtures can be used as an Up-Light to create a beam of light that actually has a flow of movement within the beam or can be used to shine down on a dance floor/up at the ceiling to create a colored moving water effect. This is a very versatile light that has a lot of very cool uses!

Bliss Lighting Effect

Have a dance under the night sky with our Bliss Lighting Effect. We can give you the look of moving clouds and stars on the ceiling above your dance floor, lounge area, or head table. Use this lighting to set an area apart for others in your room or you might just use it to “WOW” your guests! Your pick…

With a variety of applications available we are able to manipulate light to transform a standard meeting room into a one-of-a-kind experience. Try pairing texture lighting with lighted logos or monograms and uplighting to add even more drama. Set up a time to talk with us about how we can use light to decorate your event space into something your guests have never experienced!

Are you interested in textured lighting for your next event? We service the entire state of Iowa and also into Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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