Smaller Champagne Tree

Break out the camera phones and video recorders! This showstopping piece will have your guests absolutely abuzz! Our Champagne Tree is a breathtaking, custom-made and locally fabricated one-of-a-kind piece of rotating art. Crafted of steel, the tree took over a month to build. It was then taken to be powder-coated with a dark brown finish that is highlighted by a fine gold metallic. All of these items come together and create a jaw-dropping, video-inducing, selfie-taking addition to your event!

This piece of art would look great in a number of settings. From the rustic, natural feel of Celebration Farm to the more modern feel of a venue like the Iowa City Sheraton or Coralville Marriott this interactive decor will be the perfect accent!

Our Champagne Tree not only looks pretty, but it’s functional too! It can be used to serve champagne (obviously), but turn those flutes upside down and now you are serving one-bite desserts or cupcakes on the bottom of the glass! Or maybe you want to just put some floral on it and create your own statement piece? Possibilities abound! Contact us today to check your availability and discuss how our Champagne Tree can make your event one to remember!

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