Lounge Area Rental Iowa

Do you need a cool element to give your event that modern feel? Maybe you need a touch or retro in your life? Either way, our furniture seating rental is eye catching conversation pieces just waiting to make it to your venue! Not only is the beautiful white leather great to look at, but these Lounge Seating Areas actually do serve a purpose! From keeping guests around the dance floor to serving as a cozy, social nook away from it all we can work with you to make sure your lounge does just what you need it to. We’ll make your wedding or event one to remember!

You can also decorate your lounge seating to match the rest of your decor! If you like this one you may also like Lounge Furniture Set 5. They go great together!

Lounge seating 4 includes the following pieces:

  • 8 white seating sections

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Check out how our Lounge has been used.

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