Curved White Leather Lounge Sofa

Do you need a cool element to give your next Iowa event that modern feel? Maybe you need a touch of retro in your life? Either way, our lounge furniture seating set is sure to add the -wow- factor to your event! Not only is the beautiful white leather great to look at, but this seating serves a purpose! You can piece the seating together to make one long serpentine couch or break the set up to set the scene. Serpentine couches can be used as dividers while proving to be a functional piece, too!

Partner the serpentine couch with pillows and accessories that match the rest of your decor! We do have two identical sets of Lounge 5, so you can set up two separate lounges or create one larger area if you like that look better.  If you like this one you may also like Lounge 4. They go great together!

Lounge seating 5 includes the following pieces:

  • 1 curved white leather section – 1 arm/full-length back
  • 1 curved white leather section – no arm/full length back
  • 1 curved white leather section – no arm/three-quarter length back
  • 1 curved white leather section – no arm/no back
  • 1 circular ottoman

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Check out how our Lounge has been used.

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