Q? Are you able to handle corporate events?
A. Whether you are just looking for chair and table rentals, presenting at a board meeting, and need a sound system or lighting, or better yet-throwing a huge party to celebrate, Unique Events has you covered. Find out how we can help you with any event!
Q? How long is a consultation?
A. Most consultations take anywhere between 60-90 minutes depending on the services you are interested in. We don’t want to rush anything – weddings are a big deal!
Q? Where are you located? Can we come to your place for a consult?
A. We have an office in Cedar Rapids if you are available to meet in-person. You are welcome to bring friends and any family members that want to tag along! The more the merrier! We assure you that our consultations are fun, super-relaxed, and most importantly contain zero pressure to book with us. All of that is done through our website. Not to mention, Travis and I have a pretty awesome beverage selection (yes, this includes beer), music playing and a continuous slide show of our services to give you a visual of what we are talking about.
Q? I noticed you’re not the only company with Gold Chiavari chairs. Is there a difference?
A. Yes! First, our chairs are a different color of gold. It’s more of a brassy, true gold. It’s less of a champagne color. They also look better as they are not painted wood or painted plastic. Those tend to chip and mar in transport and during use leading to either worn out looking chairs or ones that look really touched up. Our chairs also have a steel core which gives them a static load capacity of 1000 lbs compared to most wood and solid plastic chairs that are rated closer to 250 lbs. Will you have guests over 250 lbs? Check out all our Chiavari Chair colors here. 
Q? What makes your lighting different than what my venue/other companies offer?
A. Everything! Brightness, color capabilities, color mixing capabilities, beam angle, etc. These terms are alien to most of our clients, but they all affect how dramatic the lighting will look in your space. We have a great demo that we go through during our in-person consultations to give you examples of those differences. Just know that all lighting is created differently and just because a company offers up-lighting doesn’t mean it can do what you need it to do to create those Pinterest-worthy photos!
Q? How much space does the Open Air Photo Booth need?
A. Generally, we use an 8 ft tall by 7 ft wide backdrop and the Photo Booth structure itself sits centered on that backdrop about 7 ft away from it. Using props? Don’t forget to have a 6-8 ft table ready for us to display them on. Same thing if you are doing the scrapbook option; we will need a cocktail table at a minimum, but prefer a 6 ft table to allow a little more usable space. More information on our Open Air Photo Booths. 
Q? Can we give you a custom image to print on the bottom of the Photo Strips?
A. For sure! We encourage it! You or your designer can just email us a .jpeg image that is sized to 625 pixels wide by 300-350 pixels tall. Not creative? We have template options as well. Just ask us!
Q? Who will be our DJ?
A. We assign DJ’s to events about 30-45 days ahead of time. We base the DJ assignment on who we think would be the best match for that client based on what that client has told us about their event. Need a DJ to run a game or 2 during your event? Know that later in the night would want club music for an hour? Maybe all your guests love to ballroom dance and you need the music to work for that? Let us know so that we can assign a DJ whose natural style most closely matches your tastes. Forgot to fill that out on your booking form? Just shoot us a quick email and we can add the notes to your event!
Q? What makes your DJ service different than others?
A. That is the subject of what is generally a 45-60 minute consultation and nothing that you are going to get a real feel for via email. Our entire process and philosophy are different. We aren’t a company that books every possible event and then sends rookie staff out with a laptop to randomly play some music. This is a well planned for and thought out process with a veteran staff of professionals that handle your event differently from start to finish. You’ll just have to trust us when we say that we pretty much guarantee that an in-person consultation will be worth your time. And we’re kind of fun, so… More about our DJ services. 
Q? Are your prices on your website? I didn’t see any…
A. Our pricing is not on our website and here is the rationale: Most people have no idea what is included in the services we offer or what makes them different from the next company offers. In an effort to ensure our customers able to make an educated decision on the services we like to be able to explain the service(s) clients are interested in at the same time we discuss pricing.
Q? You don’t do weekend consultations. What’s up with that?
A. When you meet with us you are meeting with the same people that are out at these events making things happen; not just a salesperson. All of our events are on the weekend and generally consume our entire day or a major portion of it. Event days are just like game day and our minds are on the event at hand. The great news though is that when your event rolls around we will be just as focused on yours!
Q? Where do I find pricing information?
A. We offer a range of services which results in a range of costs. We prefer to meet with potential customers to share information about our company with you and to gather information about your event in order to provide you accurate pricing.
Q? Do your services include event planning?
A.Um, yes! We work with all sorts of wedding and event planners as well, but if you would like the option to work with our planner just set up a consultation so we can get you the info! No one knows our services and the best ways to bring them together than our own staff!

COVID-19 Wedding FAQs

Q? How can I maximize social distancing during different parts of my wedding?

A: Consider larger tables to ensure the increased distance between seats during your reception. You can also spread seats further apart during your ceremony, or break off seating pods into pairs of two so your guests and their plus one can sit together. If you are having a plated meal, discuss with you caterer how their staff is being trained, if they will wear masks while serving, and how they will deal with clean up. If you are having a buffet-style, you and your wedding planner can decide the best course of action when it comes to calling tables up to serve themselves. Your catering company might also look to have staff serve guests from eh buffet to minimize multi-touch serving utensils. 

Q: What if I want to cut down my guest list but still hold my event on a smaller scale?

A: Many event venues and wedding planners are being very flexible during these unprecedented times. Some event vendors are even collaborating with each other to offer smaller-scale wedding packages that include photography, planning, etc. Vendors are also adding a la carte services so you can scale down your day without canceling altogether.

Q: Should I get wedding insurance?

A: Something that this pandemic has shown us all is to plan for and expect the unexpected. With that said, it may be beneficial for you and any other parties who are financially invested in your big day to research and consider your options when it comes to purchasing wedding insurance. It will protect you in the case of a cancellation or postponement. It’s smart to get a policy at the beginning of planning, but some companies will give you coverage up until 24 hours before your event. 

Q: What do I do if I decide to postpone?

A: Let your vendors and guests know as soon as possible. Communication and timeliness are key when it comes to postponing, as it gives your guests time to cancel or rearrange their travel plans and gives your vendors enough time to see if they can re-book your date and how they can work with you on your new date. While it might seem daunting now, your guests and vendors will be thankful that they got to plan for the change in date as soon as possible. 

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