Gorgeous Wedding Flowers Brighten the Day

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Deciding to get married is a big decision-the first of many. Weddings are all about setting the right mood and creating a lasting memory. Wedding flowers can be one of the most memorable parts of the festivities. Whether you favor exotic, light and airy or something classic like roses, planning flowers requires forethought and coordination.

Start Early to Find What Suits You

As with all things weddings, start early by browsing online for what you like.  One of the best ways to share your ideas with a florist is to have visuals. Apps like Pinterest make it easy to search for and keep a record of what you like. But, there are other steps to take after you start collecting ideas.

  • Pick your gown before your flowers. This is especially true if you plan on a white or ivory bouquet with a gown of similar color. Believe it or not, there are lots of different shades of white and ivory.
  • Don’t let them compete.  A pretty, detailed sash shouldn’t be covered up with a large, cascading bouquet. A clutch might work better or a small round bouquet. Also, have a good idea what color(s) you plan for your bridesmaids. If possible, take in a swatch of fabric or color sample. Even red and black have many different shades.
  • Set a budget. This is a toughie because how often do you plan flowers for a big event? It’s not just a bridal bouquet. You’ll want flowers for bridesmaids and boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen. Corsages are needed for mothers and other women like a special aunt. And don’t forget the father of the bride. That’s just the wedding. A large reception will likely need centerpieces, too. If you’re really unsure of how much to budget, proceed to the next step-talk to the florists.
  • Set up appointments and meet with different florists. See how they respond to your ideas and budget. Ask them for their thoughts. After all, they might have ideas you haven’t thought of. They’ll also know what flowers will be in season. The farther they have to be shipped, the more expensive. Pick florists whose work you’ve seen before or those who are recommended by friends or other people you trust.

Frugal Flowers

Finally, if your wish list of wedding flowers starts to overwhelm you, there are more cost-efficient options, too. Some couples create their own personalized centerpieces for the reception to save money. But, talk with your florist. They provide services for all sorts of budgets.

And remember, for event planning of any kind, contact Unique Events of Iowa and our floral partner, Covington & Company!

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