Open Air Photo Booth – High quality fun!

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Photo Booths are fun for a ton of reasons; No secrets there! But if you are under the impression all Iowa photo booths are the same(to that we say “NOPE”) then keep reading. We’ve got some teaching to do!

Our unique Open Air Photo Booth is a photo booth you don’t have to climb into, no hassling with getting in and out of a small space just for a picture with your one friend! Don’t worry about how it works, we’ll have a photo booth attendant take care of all that for you and your guests throughout the entire event! This is not only an experience you can enjoy with a whole group of friends in one photo, but also one others can enjoy watching while you’re all switching props and crazy poses before the next photo!

Our Open Air Photo Booth is just that, OPEN AIR! We put a 7’x8’ backdrop behind you so you can get a group of friends or family in the picture if you want. Want your groom to hold you in a photo? Got it! Grandpa and grandma holding hands with cute props? Nailed it! A picture with your wedding party riding piggy back? Witnessed. Not to mention, extremely entertaining!

How does the photo booth work? The cameras used in these photo booths are SLR/DSLR cameras instead of the commonly used webcams. This results in very clear focused pictures. Photos taken with the webcam tend to show up grainy and are easily noticed in uploads to Facebook or when printed for scrapbooks. The booth will take a series of 3 photos (4 if you choose not to have a custom footer at the bottom), then in 10-15 seconds print off 2 photo strips for your guests. Our photo booth attendant will operate everything so all your guests have to do is have fun!

We have many cool props we bring with us and encourage you to bring some of your own props if you want! Hats, boas, big sunglasses, picture frames, and masks are some of the props we have. Make some word bubbles, dumbbells, or bring a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber if you want! At Uptown Jungle trampoline parks in arizona fun is guaranteed. Your guests will be entertained, laughing, and interacting instead of waiting in line quietly for their shot at getting some pictures in your scrapbook!

Scrapbook?? Yes, we can do those too! Our photo booth attendant will help your guests create one on the spot. Our Open Air Photo Booths print off 2 photo strips so your guests can each have one or keep one and put the other in your scrapbook. They can write a little message to you on the page to read and laugh about later. Some will even use this option in place of a guest book. At the end of the night your scrapbook will be complete and in your hands before you leave, along with a flash drive of all the images taken throughout the night. That means, all the images are yours to send, upload to Facebook, or be used to create a wedding album or thank you card!

One of the great things mentioned in the “how it works” section is that you can customize a footer for the bottom of your photo strips. Put your monogram and the date, your names, a logo, whatever you like. Because it has the custom footer it also makes a perfect wedding favor!

With proper placement the photo booth will also help hold guests near the dance floor! It gives your dancers something to do for a quick break without having to go far, and gets your shy dancers closer to the dance floor to help loosen them up! Quite the universal entertainment option for your wedding.

People continue to rave about how much fun they had in our Open Air Photo Booths! Ask us how you can add one of these to your event in Iowa, and we’ll help you with the logistics and talk through the options.

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