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We know there are a number of things you can choose to add a little extra fun to your wedding day. Let’s take a look at something fun, for your guests. NO, not wedding day paintball (although we’re up for anything)! It’s our Open Air Photo Booth! Something awesome your guests can do when they’re not dancing, and a source of entertainment for others to watch and be entertained by.

Before you assume all photo booths are the same, take a look at ours! It’s not enclosed! What that means to you is that instead of fitting 4-5 people in a picture now you can fit 10-12.

Our photo booth can even work with custom backdrops made by you!

Our photo booth can even work with custom backdrops made by you!

Our Open Air Photo Booths also take a wider picture! So instead of just seeing peoples faces and necks you are seeing them from the waist up. This allows for the use of props and poses that just aren’t possible in a standard booth. Lastly, the Open-Air design allows other guests to watch the FUN of the photo taking process! No more boring line to wait in just to get to a booth that can only take a picture of your face!

Footer Photo Booth

“How’s it work?” What is this, the Discovery Channel?? Well to start, we have a fun, super cool attendant that operates it. You grab some friends, grab some props, and start posing! It will take 3 photos, each 5 seconds apart. When all 3 photos have been taken, it will print out 2 photo strips (this takes about 12 seconds) for your guests to take with them. You can customize the bottom of the photo strips with different fonts, colors, and designs to coordinate with your overall wedding theme. and also get a flash drive at the end of the night with all of the digital copies of the photos taken! If you choose to add a scrapbook the attendant will put it together throughout the night. Your guests can take one strip with them and put the other along with a message they write, in the scrapbook. At the end of the night your scrapbook will be complete and ready for you to take home! Many of our customers use our high quality photo strips as their wedding favor as well. Winning!

Remember the 80's, again!

Remember the 80’s, again!

Check out our reviews on and to see what others have had to say about this addition to their event! Also, check out the Unique Events page on Facebook, or visit our website at for this and the other super cool stuff we have!

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