Maximizing Fun With Your Photo Booth

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Say Cheese! Getting the Most out of your Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths have essentially become a staple of modern weddings. In the age of the selfie, everyone loves snapping the moment. A photo booth is a fun way to capture moments throughout the night other than candid wedding photography. This trend has brought about a slew of photo booth ideas to liven up the exciting element. Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your wedding photo booth rental.

Props are a Must!

Props are a great way to get people excited about your wedding photo booth. If some of your guests are a little shy in front of the camera, throw on some oversized sunglasses or a fake mustache. Goofy props can make your guests less nervous about their camera time and also inspire some fun photo ideas. Most photo booth rentals will come with props but you can never have too many. Dollar stores are a great source for things like feather boas, hats, wigs, glasses, picture frames, etc. If your hands are too full to bring along extra props, try using things laying around the reception like glasses, napkins and silverware, etc. Almost anything can be a prop. Get creative!

Be Expressive!

No one likes a straight face. Encourage your guests to have fun and let loose in the photo booth! At Unique Events, one of our fun staff members helps get your guests’ creative juices flowing for some great captures of memorable moments.┬áIf it’s an Open-Air Photo Booth like ours, watch what others do first for some inspiration!

Get the Guests Excited!

If your guests aren’t showing up to the photo booth, hype it up! Mingle with the guests and remind them to get their photos taken. Have some of your braver guest help spread the word and have the DJ announce it throughout the night. Also, remember to encourage people to visit more than once. The entire night will be full of opportunities to get in front of the camera with family and friends.

Location is Key!

Where you put your photo booth can have a huge impact on how much it gets used. The closer to the action it is, the better. You should park your photo booth near the dance floor and the bar. These places will get a lot of traffic throughout the night so your guests will be more likely to step into the photo booth a few times.

Open Bar!

Sure won’t hurt to have some liquid courage for your close-up! At Unique Events, we offer Open-Air photo booths for any event. Our photo booths are manned by a friendly staff member and powered by high-quality digital cameras. For more information about our photo booths, check out our product page and gallery.

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