How To Plan Your Wedding On Pinterest Like The Pros

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You don’t need a permit to plan a wedding on Pinterest. You don’t need to have a venue picked out, or even be engaged, either. That’s because the ritual of searching, discovering, and repinning is a good time. Who doesn’t like looking at DIY mason jar table settings?

It’s a little different for couples. You know, the ones who are getting married in eight months. The ones who have a million deadlines. The ones who have a call from the caterers at 3:00 this afternoon. We feel you! That’s why we’re here to help you make it through the wedding board after the wedding board without getting lost. There’s light on the other side of those DIY mason jar table settings.

Keep It on the Down Low

Unlike the make-believers, you aren’t keeping your wedding board secret so that you don’t scare off your boyfriend of three months. You want to keep your wedding board secret so that one girl from high school can’t steal your immaculately curated inspiration, and so that the celebration is a surprise for guests. You can always invite your wedding planner to the secret board for collaboration!

Even though Pinterest is a social site at heart, secret wedding boards actually account for 30% of all boards. So don’t feel bad about going underground. Plus, creating a secret wedding board will make you feel like an undercover spy protecting highly-sensitive documents.

Caption for Sanity

As you explore Pinterest to infinity, take advantage of the captions when you’re repinning. Pinterest can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for wedding planners. In a single pin, they might identify the style of the chairs, the four types of flowers in the arrangements, the type of lighting in the background, etc. Captioning everything on your wedding board with exactly what you like will help your wedding planner hook you up with what you’re looking for.

After you’ve seen every kind of cutlery ever made, start to filter down your wedding board so that it represents your vision. Ditch the extra stuff! If it’s not a priority, then it’s only going to distract from the details that matter to you the most.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled and Your Mind Open

Plan your wedding with Pinterest, but don’t plan a Pinterest wedding. It’s easy to forget that a lot of breathtaking images are the absolute best of the best. They’re taken at the perfect time of day with the perfect lighting and then perfected even more with Photoshop. Everything probably won’t go exactly as planned on your big day. Every picture won’t be Pinterest-worthy. And guess what? Your wedding is still going to be as magical as you imagined!

Planning a wedding on Pinterest is such a fabulous experience that people do it when they don’t have a wedding to plan. It’s a little more complicated when you’ve gotta estimate the cost of those DIY mason jar table settings, but Pinterest can help you and your wedding planner make that vision a reality.

Whether you’ve got a secret Pinterest board or not, planning the perfect wedding that reflects your personal taste and celebrates your “I Do’s” can be stressful. At Unique Events, we are experts at taking much of that worry away. Invite us to that secret wedding board and let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life! Contact us today.

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