Reviews Matter When Choosing Wedding Service Providers

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What’s in an online review? Plenty, if you know what to look for. Planning a wedding or any big event takes time, patience, and organization. Most working professionals have little time left over to do it all themselves. That’s where online reviews can help your planning process.

Finding the right event planners to take the lead can be a challenge. Asking friends can help. So can general “word of mouth.” One of the best ways to find event providers is to locate and read online reviews. It’s an advantage modern brides have over previous generations.

What do you look for in these reviews?  You’ve probably seen them featured in searches but pay little attention until you need their services. In fact, 90% of all consumers say they read reviews before making a major purchase of goods or services.

What To Look For In Online Reviews

Before you get into full planning mode, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to those reviews. Don’t take all of them at face value. According to the Federal Trade Commission, reviewers should disclose any connection to the company. In fact, it’s the law. Of course, many don’t. So, it makes sense to be suspicious of reviews that are vague or seem too good to be true.

Pay close attention to the tone and details of the review. If everything is glowing but the content seems vague, it’s not of much use to you and it could be a plant. Likewise, an unreasonable person with an ax to grind is likely using the review to vent the anger of the moment. Neither of these is particularly helpful. You want the real deal – so bypass the nonsense.

The most helpful reviews are the ones with specific information. What were the people looking for in an event planner? Did they contract for DJ services or rent interactives like photo booths? Are specific staff members mentioned? That’s a good sign because it indicates staff connected well and made the event memorable.

It helps, too, to find sites that aggregate reviews-places like and You’ll be able to read through multiple reviews for different planners-credible opinions and trustworthy sources.

Beyond Reviews

Nothing can replace a one-on-one consultation with the event planners themselves. Ask how they organize and follow up on event items. Ask them about the most challenging events they’ve coordinated. How did they overcome obstacles? And believe us, that’s most important. You’re putting your trust in these folks. And for one of the biggest events of your life so you need to feel comfortable.

Once you’ve talked with friends who’ve used event planners and service providers; reflected on the reviews and most of all, talking with companies you’re seriously considering, it’s time to make a choice. Once you do, follow up to ensure items are completed to your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for event services of any type in the state of Iowa, contact Unique Events. From DJ services to chair rentals to unique floral designs, we can help with every aspect of your next event. And please, feel free to check out online reviews. You’ll see why our clients choose Unique Events and are glad they did!

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