Set The Mood With Beautiful Bistro Lighting For Your Wedding

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Bistro lighting goes by many names and can hang from just about anything. String lights snaking around tree branches. Café lights trickling down from the ceiling. Italian string lights that look like stars in the night sky. Or, all of the above at your very own wedding! The bottom line is that bistro lighting is absolutely beautiful.

We like to say that certain lighting is mood lighting, but the truth is that all lighting is mood lighting! There’s just some lighting that creates a good mood… and other lighting that creates a bad mood. That’s why it’s so, so, so important for the design of your wedding to feature complementary lighting.

If you’re looking to add some more romance to your reception, then you’ll definitely want to check out the following bistro lighting inspiration.

Much More Than “Christmas Lights”

Yeah, Christmas lights are technically string lights, but bistro lighting can be so much more! When you start planning your wedding, it’s okay if you don’t know the difference between up-lighting and pin spot lighting, let alone the nuanced differences between types of bistro lighting. But don’t worry, bistro lights at your wedding aren’t just Christmas lights without the colors. The globe-shaped bulbs are about 1” in diameter and spaced further apart along the string.

Bistro lighting is great for adding a romantic glow to your wedding. If you want ambiance, then these are the lights for you! Bistro lights are a subtle touch that set the mood without taking attention away from the other aspects of your wedding design. They’ll enhance the atmosphere of your celebration and also make for some stunning photographs. Because harsher lighting can result in washed-out pictures!

Illuminate All Kinds of Places

Bistro lights are super popular for outdoor receptions right now, but they’re also a wonderful option for indoor spaces too. You can get as creative as you want with these charming lights! They’re especially convenient for venues without existing lighting options. Bistro lights can be draped between trees, strung up to create a gorgeous canopy or hung along the ceiling of a rustic barn for that extra twinkle. If you’re planning an industrial wedding, hang them against exposed brick!

The adaptability of bistro lighting also means it’s possible to dim the different sections of string lights throughout the wedding. So, the crisscrossed strands of lights over your dance floor can be dimmed when it’s time to get down, while the strands that form a magnificently-lit walkway for guests can remain safely lit all night.

Since bistro lights are a little more complicated than Christmas lights, you should always work with a professional to make sure your wedding is perfect. DIY can be risky when it comes to lighting. Blowing a fuse could be the least of your concerns!

If you’re looking for a trusted wedding designer to work with the venue and make your Pinterest board a reality, contact Unique Events. From DJ services to chair rentals to unique floral design, we can help with every aspect of your wedding. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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