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7455792542_2c7d2870e5_bA sound from one DJ system to another can vary drastically. You may have blamed the DJ at an event for having the music too loud to understand, or too loud to enjoy. This could be the case, however, most likely it’s because of the system the DJ was using. You can have a bad system putting out the same volume as a good system and enjoy one a lot more than the other!  Let’s compare some systems and the experience you may have had with each one.

A standard PA system – Can be loud but have a lot more mid/high end with less bass. For vocals and lower volumes of sound, most may not be able to tell a difference. Some sound systems, when turned up loud, the sound can be the same off the dance floor as it is on the dance floor because the horns are pointing straight out. This means guests may feel like they can’t talk without shouting at each other and feel like they have to get away from the dance floor because they can’t escape the sound! Turn on a standard car stereo. At 5 it could be enjoyable, but at 11 it’s a little too much to handle.

An Upgraded Sound System – Upgraded sound systems have a more contained sound. Smaller horns are angled slightly down (absorbed by the bodies on the dance floor) to help prevent the sound from traveling further than where it’s needed. This allows for easier conversation around the dance floor without feeling like you need to get away from it. This is also noticed in venues with bad acoustics and results in less noise above everyone bouncing off the hard surfaces. Just like an upgraded sound system in a car, the experience you get is a fuller, clearer, nicer sounding system, not louder!

There are various levels of DJ systems from the Standard PA to an Upgraded system. Despite being able to get by with a standard PA system, we wanted to just take a few minutes to point out some of the advantages of choosing a higher-end system.

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