Transform Your Wedding Venue With Texture Lighting

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Texture lighting sounds sexy, doesn’t it? It’s one of those phrases that’s cool to throw around while designing your wedding. But what, exactly, is texture lighting? Well, texture lighting effects create dimension and visual excitement by breaking up the light source with patterned discs. It’s an elegant way to make your wedding venue more dynamic, without having to dedicate budget or space to decorations and décor.

Textural lighting effects are incredibly versatile, too! They can transform pretty much any kind of venue. Whether you’re looking for an injection of color or an extravagant pattern, texture lighting is a fabulous solution. Especially if you love your venue, but just feel like it’s missing that little something.

The Science of Texture Lighting

Light texture is a design principle that’s applied to everything from photography to 3D imagery to, of course, event design. Basically, dull lighting is going to lead to an uninspired picture or space. But, textural lighting effects create dynamic scenes that are rich with detail – and a touch of mystery! Texture lighting is so awesome that it has the power to either heighten the subject of a photo, or elevate the environment itself to be worthy of a Pin.

Texture Lighting Styles

As you work with an event designer to create the wedding of your dreams, you’re constantly evaluating new ideas according to whether or not they mesh with your foundational aspects. So, like, those burlap cutlery pouches are totally great, but might not work with the sequined table runners that you’re absolutely in love with. Texture lighting, on the other hand, is extremely versatile because there are so many different styles. The only spaces that can’t benefit from textural lighting effects are spaces that already have incredible lighting!

  • Standard Texture Lighting involves the projection of a static image onto a surface – ceiling, dance floor, wall, etc. You choose the pattern and the color. This style is generally used as an accent.
  • Active Texture Lighting creates beams of light that dance along with you! It’s generally an accent to uplighting, but imagine a moving water effect on the ceiling, walls or dance floor. The possibilities are endless.
  • The Bliss Lighting Effect allows you to bring the night sky to your indoor venue. It can create the look of moving clouds and stars on the ceiling above the dance floor, or set a special area apart from the rest.

Other Lighting Options

Texture lighting probably isn’t going to be able to carry your big day on its own. But it plays extremely well with other styles of lighting and you can achieve a truly one-of-a-kind event by combining some of your favorite lighting effects. Uplighting is one way to create an even more dramatic space, or you can personalize the dance floor with lighted monograms and logos.

If you’re looking for lighting options to take your event to the next level, contact Unique Events. From DJ services to chair rentals to unique floral design, we can help with every aspect of your wedding. Let us help you create the right vision for what could be the most important day of your life!

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