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Hi Guys! Thanks for reading! I wanted to take some time to chat about wedding Up-Lighting and all the ways we feel it can enhance an evening. When we speak to potential clients about Up-Lighting we generally keep the conversation about the “feel” of the room and compliments from the guests. Ultimately,  I think that is what most people are thinking about when considering adding lighting. They may want to coordinate an existing color scheme, go a different direction than what would be considered “traditional” as far as decorating or simply going for a “Wow” factor for their guests. Either way, they rarely consider the main point I would like to make with this article.


My point is this: What happens once the night is over? How well do you remember your evening? How well do your guests? If your memory is anything like mine you probably realize that after some time your memory will start to fade, so what do you do??? Well, you probably do what every other couple does to remember their evening… hire a photographer! This is where we are realizing wedding Up-Lighting is secondary and often unrealized benefits. …It makes your pictures look great!

Photography and Lighting

Now a quick side note: If you can afford a professional photographer get one! The picture quality is usually night and day and you can look through my Up-Lighting pictures to prove it. Any pictures taken by professional photographers have their logos on them. The rest were taken by me with a $250 camera. You WILL see a difference, not just in the clarity, but in the artistry as well. Just saying, think hard before skimping on a photographer!

Anyway, back to the fun! Check out the following photos and see how dramatic and just awesome these look because of the lighting! Our good friends at Shirk Photography shot these and they are true professionals.

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