Wedding DJ – 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect One For You

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Music plays a huge part in wedding ceremonies. From the walk down the aisle to the cocktail hour to the reception, music has an integral role in making the big day a memorable one. So of course, your wedding DJ should know the right songs and the right times to play them.

But your wedding DJ does more than just spin discs. The best wedding DJs are those who not only play music but play an integral role in ensuring the various logistics of your evening go just as planned. A DJ touches every aspect of the wedding reception and both you and the DJ must understand this and plan accordingly.

Below are 3 tips on finding a wedding DJ so you can dance the night away, worry-free.

Experience Trumps All

The best determining factor in finding a wedding DJ is experience. DJs with wedding experience understand how receptions proceed and the traditions that are involved. Experienced DJs will also know what to do if something goes wrong like the food is delayed or if your cousin giving a toast is a little too toasty. An experienced wedding DJ will provide advice on logistics and socializing and actively provide a helping hand throughout the night to ensure everything stays on schedule.

While experience is important, make sure the DJs experience isn’t too limiting. A DJ with 25 years of experience whose musical expertise ends in 1995 is probably not the best fit for a couple of 22-year-old newlyweds. At Unique Events, we offer multiple DJ’s with varying styles so we can pair a couple with a DJ that best matches their style.

Find Referrals and References

As you move closer and closer to the big day, you’ll start meeting more and more people that work in the wedding industry. Between caterers, tuxedo rentals, photographers, and everything else, the people you’re working with likely have an opinion or two about local DJs. Ask who they recommend and why. Whoever you choose for your wedding reception should be someone who will fit in with your guests and be able to build rapport with them.

Use Review Sites

As you’ve probably gathered in your other wedding planning tasks, the internet is your friend. Not only are there review websites focused on wedding-specific services like, but you can also peruse general review sites like Yelp or Google My Business. Spend some time reading through reviews to get an idea of the DJs services and work ethic. If the wedding DJ you’re thinking about hiring gave the client the right amount of time and attention, their positive qualities will show through the reviews.

Try sorting the reviews by lowest rating first and spend some time reading through really bad reviews too. Not only is this an easy way to easily mark some off the list, but you read people’s most common complaints and gain an idea of red flags to look for in decision-making.

Equipped with these tips, choosing your wedding DJ should be easy. At least easier than the thousand other things you have to do to prepare for a wedding. Our DJs pride themselves on partnering with you to ensure everything goes according to schedule. Learn more about our DJ services or contact us today.

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