Iowa Wedding Trends: Modern, Industrial, Minimal

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Less is more! That’s the guiding principle for industrial-themed weddings. Modern wedding receptions are an understated statement. They’re less frilly than traditional weddings, but that doesn’t mean minimal design principles can’t be chic! In fact, industrial-themed weddings are often some of the most elegant and romantic. The secret is knowing when to hold back and when to go for it.

Some couples even take minimalism to the extreme and ask guests to be unplugged for the celebration! But you don’t need to live out the minimalist lifestyle if you want everyone taking Snapchats. Instead, maybe just stick to some of the ideas below.

Industrial Wedding Venues

Industrial wedding venues are often large urban spaces. Think warehouses, lofts and factories. You should avoid more traditional venues, like ornate ballrooms, otherwise the decorations – or lack thereof – will clash with the venue. Generally, you’ll want high ceilings and open space. Exposed brick or ductwork is always amazing! But cinderblock walls with cement floors can also do wonders for your wedding.

Although rustic-themed events are the opposite of industrial, bare barns can be an interesting twist on more common industrial venues. Or, maybe you can find a minimal space with marble accents for a luxurious touch, then top it off with a rooftop reception!

Stripped Down Details

One of the perks of the bared and distressed elements in open venues is that the details can be eclectic and the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to get too fancy to achieve elegance. Opt for bistro lighting or Edison-style light bulbs to accentuate the raw materials in the space. Draping either option above the dance floor will create an area that guests will flock towards!

Some of the other elements that will complement your industrial theme are hard metals, geometric details and copper accents. Metallic reflective surfaces are perfect for these types of spaces. Metal chairs, copper flatware and something campy like big metallic balloon letters are all great accent pieces. Don’t be afraid to add some texture with mixed-material table decorations, either.

Hints of Contrast

Of course, in addition to all of the cool, contemporary design elements, you’ll want to feature a couple of contrasting elements to really achieve the industrial chic aesthetic. Maybe you want some sparkling chandeliers for a hint of tradition. Incorporating raw wood, minimal florals or vintage furniture also offers that oomph of juxtaposition. Antiques of all sorts make for great accent pieces! Or, lush greenery can be a splash of green against the industrial elements.

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