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Wedding Trends – Unique Events

As we head into the busy summer wedding season, Unique Events is already looking ahead to trends on the horizon for 2017. There are lots of possibilities, but one of the biggest wedding trends is to make it your own. So, what are the possibilities?

Higher Quality, Smaller Guest List

No mistake-some people have to have a guest list that includes their extended family times three. But, smaller weddings and receptions with more meaningful extras are trending upward. The idea is to create an extra special event for the people that matter most and that the bride and groom will enjoy it, too. What goes into a high-quality event? Lots of options, but here are the Unique Event’s top five wedding trends.

  • One popular trend is having lounge furniture at the reception instead of just the typical tables and chairs. Tables and chairs are great for a sit-down dinner, but after that, when the dancing begins, sofas and chairs are a great way for small groups to relax, enjoy a drink and just talk.
  • Special lighting is another big trend. Suspended, pendant lighting with clear or softly colored bulbs can create a fantastic mood for an evening of toasts and dancing. Upgrading lighting is second only to upgrading furniture rentals on the trend list. And a good lighting designer is worth the investment.
  • Rustic still rocks. However, if the idea of having a reception in a barn doesn’t quite spark your interest, another trend is a rustic wedding under a greenhouse or other frames like a large pergola or arbor. These structures let in more natural light for an afternoon event and custom lighting can create a really romantic setting once the sunsets. Rustic wood tables and cross-back chairs are perfect furnishings for this type of event.
  • Just-picked flowers or mixed bouquets that include fruits are also on the rise. By “just-picked,” we mean different sizes, colors, and a more natural, free form look.
  • Food is usually pretty formal at receptions, but it doesn’t have to be. Some couples are trending toward more casual food, even food stations with taco bars and mini-cheesesteaks. And some are opting for cookies and milk instead of a traditional tiered cake.

With such a wide array of options, it’s sometimes difficult to track trends. And maybe, you don’t need to. Wedding planners say it’s more important to figure out what’s meaningful to the two of you and then start your own trend. Here’s the best part. Unique Events Iowa is your one-stop for wedding and reception planning.  We can help with any of the ideas above. If you come up with your own special needs, we can help with that, too. Visit our website and check out our services.

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