What is your dream wedding??

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Easy enough question. Most brides (and according to Andy Bernard, every little boy) have thought about their dream wedding. I speak to a lot of brides that have no problem telling me their thoughts about theirs. I had the opportunity to speak with a potential client tonight that reinforced something that our company is hoping becomes contagious! We had an in-depth conversation about her “Dream Wedding” vision. The thing that set our conversation apart from a lot of others is that she was creating her dream wedding based on ideas she had NEVER seen at a wedding! Sounds a little crazy at first, but she wants to create something completely unique to her day. Not once did she say “I saw this at a couple weddings…”

Don’t get me wrong, people have been putting their personalized twist on a classic wedding layout for eternity. What I am trying to convey though, is after talking to countless couples I find that many/most have very similar dreams. I also feel that sometimes it is hard for us to imagine something we have never seen or been exposed to. A lot of it also has to do with not knowing the capabilities of vendors in the area. I mention services that Unique Events offers to prospective clients and still have plenty of them give me a puzzled look. Up-Lighting, Monograms, Dance Floor Washes, Lounge Areas, etc. All of these are services we offer and many of them are services that most prospective brides have never seen and have no idea about. Check out our website for more information about our offerings and samples of our design work. If you are wanting to plan your dream wedding and your dream is calling for something a little out of the box, please let us know! We love to help make these dreams, as well as your entire night, come to life!

So what is your dream wedding?

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